For retailers

Many retailers are thinking about take back schemes and what they can do to ensure the items they sell don’t end up in landfill or incineration.

Here at Recyclatex we aim to help retailers find the best solution that works for them. We work with retailers to offer a Nationwide service tailored to the company’s needs.

As every retailer considers what it is able to do, the Recyclatex Group is perfectly positioned to offer tailormade solutions to promote ongoing textile collections. This can be in store collection points, external banks or through courier collection.

Making clothing collections easier for householders, and looking for opportunities to keep clothing and footwear out of waste streams is key to ensuring that we gain the best value from the products produced.

Your options are many and varied:

  • Take back schemes – in-store collection points, external banks or courier collection
  • End of lines – we can guarantee any branding is removed from clothing before it is resold
  • Damaged or unsuitable – we are happy to work with you to access the possibilities

And so are the ways you can work:

  • Work directly with a charity - this can limit your options of what and how you work as well as the choice of charity
  • Work with a charity of your choice and a collection company
  • Work with a charity of your choice and Recyclatex
  • Work with several charities and Recyclatex

We are happy to talk you through the options and possibilities.