About us

Recyclatex was launched in the 1990s. It is a bonded textile recycling scheme which rapidly became the UK’s largest operator of textile recycling services.

Why should you work with Recyclatex?

By working with members of Recyclatex, retailers, local authorites, charities and other organisations can be sure that they are dealing with reputable and reliable businesses. Most importantly you get Nationwide cover with one point of contact, together with the knowledge and security of working with the largest reuse and recycling group of companies in the UK.

Furthermore members of Recyclatex can guarantee continuation of their collection services, no matter what the prevailing financial circumstances are. Should a member of Recyclatex cease trading, the bond will be used to cover the costs of servicing existing contractural obligations until new permanent arrangements are made by Recyclatex. The backing of the bond is a major bonus, particularly during difficult trading conditions. If you are not working through Recyclatex you are not covered by our bond and do not have this guarantee.

Services for Retailers

Recyclatex works with retailers to offer a Nationwide service tailored to your needs. Collaboratively working with retailers we encourage consumers to bring back unwanted clothing and footwear, ensuring you contribute to keeping textiles out of landfill.

Services for Charities

Recyclatex offer tailor made collection services for charities throughout the UK. This includes national collection agreements from the shops of larger UK Charities which provide a competitive and reliable income. We can also offer similar collection services for local charities with only a few shops and are also able to service textile recycling banks on behalf of charities.

Services for Local Authorities

Recyclatex can offer a comprehensive professional textile recycling service that will cover all your requirements including textile recycling banks and door to door collections. Recyclatex will aim to take away any headaches that you may have when it comes to recycling clothing and shoes.

Textile Bank Services

For local authorities and charities wishing to set up a textile recycling bank service the bonded scheme provides a properly structured framework that:
• Guarantees high service standards and flexible working practices
• Maximises the financial viability of a textile recycling bank scheme
• Ensures a seamless service

Services for other organisations

If you are a private company or any organisation that would like to run a clothing and/or shoe collection, we would like to hear from you. So please contact us.