For Charities

Recyclatex and its members work with over 580 national and local charities. We understand how charities work and the importance of the income received from the sale of textile products to charities.

Getting the best from your textile recycling partner:

  • Conduct your due dilligence, use ethical companies, always use a reliable collector, and visit their premises.
  • Charity Retail Association (CRA) and Textile Recycling Association (TRA) members are required to uphold a code of practice and demonstrate that they meet all relevant requirements including insurance, safe working practices-duty of care and waste carriers licence.
  • Charity shops that meet the clothing specifications should be able to negotiate better prices. Maintain your quality. Quality will always be the key.
  • Charities should make sure payments are for the correct weight at the agreed rate (usually by the kilo) and are prompt, any delayed payment could increase risk of default.
  • Stay with your collector if they are providing a regular service at competitive rates.
  • Build a relationship - Working with a reliable collector with close and regular dialogue will ensure we can manage the change together.